Leadership Training Program (LIT)

What is this program all about?

The LIT program will be an interactive, fun-filled two-week leader training program for up-and-coming staff ages 13+. Through this program young teens will learn the ins and outs of being an effective worker at camp. The program will be hands-on and will run alongside the regular scheduled summer camps. We will host a LIT Program in 2017 for new and returning/experienced LIT members. There will be space for up to 12 participants per session. There is no cost to enroll in this program.

Why run a LIT program?

The LIT Program will allow us the time to properly train future staff on how to conduct themselves, spiritual skills and hands on physical skills. We will train them to be competent and safe servant leaders.

Is an LIT member on staff or are they a camper?

Although you apply to be in this program through our staff application portal, LIT members are campers. They will be under direct supervision at all times and will be put through a thorough and exciting leadership training program. This includes classroom style instruction, job shadowing, camp skill development and lots of service training (ex. washing dishes and other cleaning). A successful LIT member comes with a positive attitude and is prepared to put in a good effort!

*Because there is limited space available, not all applicants are guaranteed a spot.


Program Dates:  July 2-13

Application Deadline is May 31, 2017.


Fill out your LIT staff application here: onehopecanada.ca/applyonline/